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Travel Packing Tips

It’s the WORST when you go on vacation and get to your destination only to realize you forgot the one thing you told yourself not to forget. With spring break right around the corner, I want to share a few ways to make packing easier.

  1. The first thing I do before even touching my suitcase is make a list. I write down all of the obvious things (tops, bottoms, pajamas, swimsuits) and then add the things I tend to forget like socks, headphones and sunglasses. This way I’m not paranoid about forgetting anything!
  2. Plan out your outfits for each day. This is something I do every time I travel, and it’s a game changer! I used to throw all of my favorite pants and shirts into a suitcase and call it a day, but then I would arrive at my destination with 17 shirts and 2 pants that didn’t even match. Setting out two complete outfits for each day of my vacation has changed the game 100%. If you’re a big shopper like I am, you probably shop even harder on vacation just because you’re on vacation, so don’t forget to leave space in your suitcase to make sure you have enough room to take everything home!
  3. My last and final tip is to always wear your bulkiest clothes and shoes on the plane. Coats and boots are heavy. You will save so much space by wearing your puffy jackets and bulky boots on the plane so you don’t have to pack them.

Hopefully these tips will help you achieve a smoother and less stressful travel experience on your upcoming spring break getaway! Don’t forget, visit Plato’s Closet for your spring break essentials. That way you’ll have more money to spend on your spring break adventures!

Blog By: McKella Tiziani | @mckellakay

Watch Popcorn Boomerang! Video

Popcorn Boomerang!

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Valentine's Day Looks

February 14th, the day dedicated to celebrating love, is quickly approaching and whether you have romantic plans with your boo or are spending the night with your closest gal pals, you’ll need an outfit to show your love spirit. I’ve put together two outfits to celebrate the season of love, no matter who you're celebrating with!


I’m a firm believer in getting dressed up when going on a Valentine’s date with your boo because it is the DATE of all dates you go on throughout the year. Keeping that in mind, I decided that this LBD (little black dress) with a glamorous flare is the perfect look. By pairing this with the blush pink teddy coat, it will make you feel like you're ready to style and profile out on your love adventure. For accessories, I kept the jewelry to a minimum by wearing a nameplate necklace and some not-so-average hoops with the word ‘love’ inscribed in them. Plato’s Closet is the perfect place to find fun accessories to upgrade your LBD!


For the babe who is spending this day with their best gal pals, you can keep it cute and casual by pairing some distressed girlfriend jeans and strappy, short pumps with a flannel shirt tied up and slightly off the shoulder. To add more of a feminine feel, you can use a velour scrunchy to tie your hair up, which also compliments the blush pink purse. Lastly, grab a leather jacket to wear over your shoulders to give this outfit that extra accessory piece.

Blog By: Breanna Moore | @hellohipretty

3 Ways To Style A Cozy Teddy Coat

The cold winter weather makes it way harder to dress well because you need multi-functional pieces that are both warm and fashionable. One of my favorite ways to keep warm during these winter months is my “Teddy Coat,” and lucky for you, I have put together some of my favorite ways to style it. Now you can stay cute and trendy during the cold winter months!

Outfit 1:
To create this look, grab your favorite pair of ripped jeans-- any wash looks great! Next,
pair these with any basic tee or tank, and add some heeled booties. Then grab your
teddy coat and you are good to go. If you're looking to add a little something extra pair
this with any pom-beanie. This look is perfect if you’re looking for something cute and

Outfit 2:
For this look, I decided to layer a basic tank top under my teddy coat with my favorite
pair of striped culottes and black booties. For a fun twist, I added a lieutenant hat, which
really ties the whole look together! This look is easily achievable and perfect for school
or going out with your girlfriends.

Outfit 3:
This last look is perfect if you're looking for something a little fancier. To rock this look
grab a neutral color t-shirt and any slip dress. Then pair it with your favorite thigh high
boots and you’re ready to go! Now your winter outfit is both warm and fashion forward!
I hope you found these outfit ideas helpful to vamp up your winter wardrobe this season!

Blog by: Grace Myler - @gracemyler
Photos by: Angela M. Singer - @amsingerphotos

5 Tips For Becoming A Thrifting Pro!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE finding amazing deals from secondhand stores β€• there is nothing better! I especially love having shopping trips to Plato’s Closet because every time I go they always have different pieces and new opportunities to score some deals!

I’ve done my fair share of thrifting and I’ve come up with a few tips, tricks and secrets of how to find the best deals and get the most bang for your buck! Let’s get into it!

Tip #1 - Master the “Scan”
Looking through racks and racks of clothing can be daunting if you don’t know what to look for. If you know what kind of fabric, texture or color you’re looking for, scan the racks as you go to spot the pieces you are interested in or what catches your eye. Practice makes perfect to master the art of “the thrifting scan” ;)

Tip #2 - Like it or Love it?
Going to secondhand stores is perfect for finding unique pieces, but it also means there aren’t replicates of every piece in each size. If you don’t 100% love the piece and don’t think you will genuinely wear it on a weekly basis, save your money. Sometimes I’ll find great unique pieces but they don’t fit my body type or aren't the right size, even if it might be a great steal, it isn’t worth the change and space in your closet.

Tip #3 - Watch For Discount Days
Depending on the Plato’s Closet location that is nearest to you, they will probably have an email newsletter or an Instagram page that you can follow to stay notified about their sales! Keep your eye out for any special events or holiday deals! The Plato’s Closet nearest to me has an awesome active Instagram page and they post pieces for sale all the time which is super helpful!

Tip #4 - Always Inspect The Pieces First
The #1 rule to thrifting is to always check the clothing pieces for stains, rips or any other defects to your clothing pieces. Sometimes the staff might miss small details so it’s always good to go through a quick scan of your items!

Tip #5 - Sell Before You Buy!
Wanting to have a little extra spending money on new clothes? Bring in some of your clothes you don’t wear anymore or that don’t fit and sell them to Plato’s Closet! They take gently used clothes, shoes and accessories and the extra spending money doesn't hurt either!

I hope you found this helpful and are ready to begin your journey of becoming a thrifting pro ;)

Thanks for reading!

Blog By: Taiya Maddison | @taiyamaddison

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